Sunday, May 2, 2010

The bane of my StarCraft II existance!

Well, today has been rather.... relaxing? Thats an understatement; I'm pretty sure I've been sitting in the same spot all day since I got back from church! Thanks to Bizzle, I got my hands on a StarCraft II beta key, which turned out to be pretty darn fun! Downside? You're pretty dependent on your teammate, most of which completely suck - joy! So after an afternoon of getting pwnt by the Protoss Void Ray and the other beta-testers, my ego has be substantially bashed.

Currently there is nothing on TV, theres nothing to do online, and I'm really starting to get hungry, but I don't know that I really even have anything in my cupboard to eat..... I'm in rough shape! Thank goodness Mikelle finally comes home tomorrow! Having her gone for a week 'n a half has really taught me how dang important it is for guys to have their girls with them - the girls are what keep us on track, and sane! Just one more day and I get her back.... finally!

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