Wednesday, February 16, 2011

An Update

So, since I' don't have a Facebook page like everyone else to stalk during this less-than-exciting day of class I figured I'd jump over here and write up a little update. The last time you all heard about me, I was fallin' pretty hard for a new girl. Well in the words of Dr. Zoidberg, or Professor Putricide, you feel free to choose, "Good neeeeeeeeews everyone!" - we're dating, and I'm still falling for this wonderful woman! You've all got to meet her - she's absolutely incredible - smart, witty, great sense of humor, and incredibly gorgeous to boot! This girl rocks, let me tell ya.

Anyhow - the kid next to me is being awesome. Laptop on the desk, forehead plastered to the bit of table not covered with laptop. As his weight presses down on his face, a slow, steady stream of saliva is dripping into his lap, all the while his steady grind of snoring has made for nice accompaniment for the lecture at hand. What's lacking in entertainment from the lecture, this guy makes up for. Gotta love sleeping through class!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Just following suit!

Well, I'm not entirely sure why I'm writing at the moment, because I know that none of the people that are reading this are going to have the slightest clue about whats going on in my life, but I just cant seem to wipe this grin off my face, and need an outlet for all this business thats bubblin' up inside my mind.

It really is crazy how things can change so quickly... A flick of the wrist, a wink, a first kiss with a new friend... Just a week ago I had the chance to spend some time with a girl who over the last few days has become a dear friend of mine. Turns out she has quite a bit of spunk, and can actually dish it back when I'm teasing her. Last night we got to spend an evening in Salt Lake City and I don't think I've ever enjoyed myself so much - the conversation quite literally never stopped; and its not just stupid small talk either! We're not forced to resort to the pointless chatter of movies and youtube videos - its genuine conversation about life goals, family, and friends. Man, re-reading this, it just sounds like complete garbage - the eloquence seems to be stuck behind the foggy veil of sleep, seeing as I'm going on my third night just not sleeping this week - I've just been too excited to see what the next day brings, and what else I'll get to learn about her.

Granted, every shining day has its distant raincloud. I'm still trying to figure out exactly what I'm supposed to do now. Proceeding forward isn't much of an option at the moment, but I sure as heck don't want to move backwards - that'd just be outright lame.

Another day has come an gone, but deep inside its breaking dawn
This girl, my friend, fights every day
with pain and ache, and a recent break.
Yet here I am, my mind just ablaze, searching and screaming for just one more day.
I pull her, she pushes, she pulls me, I fall,
it makes me just wonder why try that next call.
The direction she chooses, its up in the air,
but let me just tell you, I pray its not me who loses
A dear friend, fond memories, I just can't wipe the smile
away from my mouth - its been just a short while -
she left me alone, to think and to ponder,
which led me to here, where my hands and mind wander,
and you all got stuck just reading this nonsense
while I piece it together and try to stay conscious
because after seven long days of not sleeping, just dreaming
I got that first kiss, -now I'm writing and screaming -

I care for that girl, who's just only a friend.
But each time that I'm with her, I don't want it to end.

HAH! Yeah, I'm sorry, thats really sappy, but thats just what I've got runnin around in my head and that seemed like the best way to get the point across! Wahoo for a first shot at poetry... am I right? Well the time has come for me to yet again throw on the suit for another fun-filled day of 5-6 hours of church - yeah baby!

Happy New Years to everyone, and I guess I'll finish the story of this girl in another six months!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Hiking and Vegas.... A long time coming!

So, as you can see up at the top there, thats a fancy little panoramic picture from about a month ago when Mikelle, Our friends Brandon and Bri, and I hiked up Y-mountain. Now, for those of you familiar with it, you're probably thinking, "Yeah, well, Hiking the Y isn't that bad - most people do it." Well, I didn't say hike the Y; we hiked Y-mountain - thats right, all the way up that thing - TIP TOP! Four hours after we started, we finally reached the summit, only after hiking up a ton of switchbacks, through mud, slush, and spiky-really mean bushes! I'm pretty sure even now, a month later, we all have scars on our legs from the rocks and the branches catchin' on our legs - it was epic! It'd been a really long time since I'd gotten out and done something adventurous like this, and I have to say it was a blast! I'll need to post the pictures, but I don't actually have access to them right now - they're locked away in Mikelle's computer/camera!

After everything was said and done, we got to sit on the cliffs at the tip-top and feel the wind come rushing up from the valley below, and see everything from the copper mine just beyond point of the mountain down to past Spanish Fork and Santaquin (I'm pretty sure, at least!). I HIGHLY recommend it for those of you with the endurance to hike four hours up (and it definitely is UP) and two 'n a half hours back. Definitely worth the time and effort!

Also, most recently for the Memorial Day weekend, Mikelle and I adventured down to Las Vegas to play for the weekend, and it was absolutely a blast! We got to walk the strip, visit all the fun sites there in the casinos (M 'n M World ftw!), and my favorite of the strip, visit the Mandalay Bay buffet for dinner..... wow..... I'd really like to know how many calories I consumed during that one meal.... Three plates of shrimp, two plates if steamed crab legs, one plate of chilled crab legs, a huge prime rib cut, not to mention the bowl of ice cream, a mini lemon meringue pie, a mini chocolate-raspberry mousse pie, and a chocolate-fruit tart thing...... oh yeah ........ goooooooood eats! Only thing that could have made it better would have been some Dr. Pepper.... Nothings perfect I guess! The rest of the weekend was spent relaxing with my girl, chatting with her grandma, and the occasional run to Jack in the Box! ^_^ so taaaasty!

For memorial day we had the pleasure to go out to the veterans cemetery in Henderson and pay our respects to her grandfather who passed away this last year. God bless him, and the rest of the vets!

Anyways - thats the news as of late! Hope to write again soon!

Friday, May 7, 2010

The Master Plan!

So, besides trying to suffer through six more hours of work today (I'm already falling asleep sitting up at my desk), tonight I get to go see these guys at 7:00, and I'm pretty dang stoked! Nevermind that I'll be heading over at like 5:00 just to be able to get a decent seat for Mikelle and me - I've got my netbook and three seasons of Arrested Development, so I'll be able to keep myself entertained! Whats more, I've only got about 50 pages left in "Xenoside," which comes highly recommended to anyone who has any interested in the "Ender" series of books. As soon as I finish it I'm going to get "Children of the Mind," which has something to do with inter-dimensional spawns of the younger versions of Ender's siblings from more than three thousand years before (technically; only 45 years for Ender!) which should be quite interesting.
Tomorrow will be a real challenge! Two weeks ago I hiked straight up Y-Mountain to the top of the Y, and now its time to make it to the very top of the mountain itself! Mikelle, Brandon, Bri, and I will start our trek before it gets too warm and make the long, slow journey to the top! Fingers crossed we're all able to get up to the top; it should be quite a view from up there! Also gotta hope for good weather too I suppose..... I better check the forecast!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

If you don't have anything to say, is it better to keep your trap shut, or blabber mindlessly? I'll go with the first!

Monday, May 3, 2010

New Goal

Be like Hugh Newmann!

I feel like life is just too short to spend it being down, and theres just too many people in the world that need cheering up, and I want to be that person! As a kid I always tended to be the negative child, and I think its time to turn that around. I figure if its a good change - the happier those people around me are, the happier I can be!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

The bane of my StarCraft II existance!

Well, today has been rather.... relaxing? Thats an understatement; I'm pretty sure I've been sitting in the same spot all day since I got back from church! Thanks to Bizzle, I got my hands on a StarCraft II beta key, which turned out to be pretty darn fun! Downside? You're pretty dependent on your teammate, most of which completely suck - joy! So after an afternoon of getting pwnt by the Protoss Void Ray and the other beta-testers, my ego has be substantially bashed.

Currently there is nothing on TV, theres nothing to do online, and I'm really starting to get hungry, but I don't know that I really even have anything in my cupboard to eat..... I'm in rough shape! Thank goodness Mikelle finally comes home tomorrow! Having her gone for a week 'n a half has really taught me how dang important it is for guys to have their girls with them - the girls are what keep us on track, and sane! Just one more day and I get her back.... finally!