Sunday, August 3, 2008

And it could all be yours...... if the Price is Right!

After five days of nothing but fun, I felt it fitting to write a little blog and give a shout-out to my girl, Hannah Shirley!

Hannah flew out this week to visit, and it was amazing! We did everything from the beach, Third-Street Promenade and Six Flags: Magic Mountain to Grauman's Chinese Theater and a recording of the Price is Right!
Heck, while we were on Hollywood Blvd she even convinced me to buy myself a new man-purse for a backpack up at school. I was reluctant, but heck, when ya got a girl like Hannah tellin you how amazing it looks, I guess I didn't really have a choice, right?

I feel bad - I know I really need to write more on here, but I'm honestly runnin a blank after having woken up at 4:30a.m. to get in line for the 4p.m. taping of the Price is Right, so I'm pretty beat. I have to admit, Hannah, you've made a fan out of me! I'm day-dreaming as we speak of winning the Showcase Showdown! We've TOTALLY got to do it again during winter semester! Spring Break 2009! Ooo oooo!!!! *hands in the air*

Hannah! We're gonna miss you up at BYU while you're rockin out in Scotland with Coldplay!

Always remember - me and the lobster head love you!