Wednesday, February 16, 2011

An Update

So, since I' don't have a Facebook page like everyone else to stalk during this less-than-exciting day of class I figured I'd jump over here and write up a little update. The last time you all heard about me, I was fallin' pretty hard for a new girl. Well in the words of Dr. Zoidberg, or Professor Putricide, you feel free to choose, "Good neeeeeeeeews everyone!" - we're dating, and I'm still falling for this wonderful woman! You've all got to meet her - she's absolutely incredible - smart, witty, great sense of humor, and incredibly gorgeous to boot! This girl rocks, let me tell ya.

Anyhow - the kid next to me is being awesome. Laptop on the desk, forehead plastered to the bit of table not covered with laptop. As his weight presses down on his face, a slow, steady stream of saliva is dripping into his lap, all the while his steady grind of snoring has made for nice accompaniment for the lecture at hand. What's lacking in entertainment from the lecture, this guy makes up for. Gotta love sleeping through class!